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Traditional Box Pleat Kilt (Old Style)

What can we say.  This is our company's name name sake and most comfortable kilt.  If you live in a warmer climate, or are a daily kilt wearer, this kilt is meant for you.  Made with 5 yards of material, it is so much lighter than a traditional knife pleated kilt.  Sacraficing none of the construction or style, you will be amazed at this very old, original style of kilt.  You absolutely will not believe it!!!


Tartan choices can be found here:


You must contact us to place an order for this kilt.  We require specific measuring instructions, you tartan choice, and mailing information.  Plus, we feel that having personal communication with the kilt maker ensures absolute perfection!!!!

Traditional Box Pleat Kilt (Old Style)

  • This is a custom made garment.  There is no return or exchange.

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