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A kilt for every occasion

​Our rentals are ideal for weddings, funerals, highland games, graduations, anniversaries, festivals, office functions, and formal dinners.


Rentals are a perfect solution if you would like to celebrate in style without the guilt of wearing your kilt only once before putting it away in the cupboard, never to be seen again.


Our rental package includes:

  • A kilt of your choice (see styles below)

  • Either a tuxedo style Prince Charlie jacket or a black formal Argyll jacket

  • Ruche necktie

  • Sporran and belt

  • Kilt hose and garter flashes


Prices are also available for individual items

Some measurements will be required but nothing too strenuous.

We will guide you through the process if you are unable to come in

for a fitting. All you would need is a camera and a tape measure


To make arrangements,


give us a call at 916-620-7222

or click here to message us if you have any questions


or here to make an online booking


Mr. & Mrs. Plews outfitted by The Box Pleat Kilt

Available Tartans

*Our tartans are keenly selected, and can be worn by anyone*

Royal Stewart 

Ancient Douglas

Thompson Blue

Isle of Skye

Irish Heritage

Black Watch

Celtic Black

Scottish Spirit

Ross Ancient

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